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NEHA-NRPP Measurement Provider is a category of certification within the NEHA National Radon Proficiency Program, which certifies individuals who have demonstrated knowledge of radon measurement techniques in residential structures. The individual has agreed to abide by local radon measurement laws as well as the EPA’s “Indoor Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement Device Protocols (PEA 402-R-92-004, July 1992), Protocols for Radon and Radon decay Product Measurements in Homes (EPA 402-R-92-003, June 1993), and “Guidance on Quality Assurance (EPA 402-R-95-012, October 1997). The NEHA-NRPP was launched in 1998 and is based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's program. EPA's program began in 1986 and ended in 1998. See for more information.

Individuals must take an approved entry level radon measurement course and pass an exam. A National Radon Proficiency Program Policy Advisory Board manages the program and has an Advisory/Steering Committee. Typically, NCHH is concerned about programs that do not require experience to be credentialed and require testing that is closely tied to a specific training program. Representatives from both regulated and non-regulated state radon programs, as well as a non-governmental organization representing consumer affairs serve on the board. On balance, the program follows the EPA precedent and has sufficient strength and credibility to offset these weaknesses. 

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