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IPM Green Shield Certified

GreenPro is a national program that certifies pest control companies on green/eco-pest management services, business operations, environmental stewardship, testing requirements and customer communications practices. GreenPro was officially launched in July 2009. In addition to complying with green/eco-pest management requirements, GreenPro firms must also be QualityPro certified. NCHH has evaluated the program and determined that it is a credible and is directly relevant to healthier homes.

QualityPro was launched in 2004 and is designed to increase professionalism in the pest control industry by requiring members to conduct criminal background checks, check references, conduct drug screening, and require training for its staff. GreenPro takes QualityPro a step further by requiring firms to use integrated pest management (IPM) for more effective and sustainable pest control that emphasizes pest prevention and apply pesticides only when necessary. See

GreenPro and QualityPro are formally run by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management. Both programs are managed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). NPMA is the trade association for the structural pest control industry. Typically, NCHH is concerned about a potential conflict of interest when a certification program is run by a trade association. In this case, the Foundation and NPMA have taken three steps that address NCHH's concerns:

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