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A Council-certified Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM) establishes and maintains good air quality in the built environment. A CIAQM can monitor a wide range of building parameters and make sure they are optimized for healthy, comfortable indoor air. A CIAQM keeps detailed records of building performance and organizes personnel for the purpose of maintaining good environmental quality. A CIAQM handles occupant complaints related to indoor air quality in a proactive and professional manner. A CIAQM can also help prepare a building for LEED certification and maintain LEED status for certified buildings. A CIAQM can handle many indoor air quality problems with existing building staff, based on his or her knowledge and experience. A CIAQM also knows when to bring in specialized help to solve or prevent indoor air quality problems.

A CIAQM has verified knowledge in a range of disciplines related to indoor air quality. The CIAQM examination covers the most respected texts in the field. Those who pass the exam must understand the scientific principles governing building air quality. They must be familiar with current practices and standards affecting IAQ managers. They must understand the administrative strategies necessary for effective building air quality management. Each CIAQM has demonstrated at least two years experience in property management, facilities management or corporate policy-making related to indoor air quality.

The Indoor Air Quality Council launched the credential in 1999. In 2006, the Council discontinued membership services and focused exclusively on credential program. In 2008, the Council broadened its focus to other industries and changed its name to the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). 

For healthy homes-related credentials, ACAC offers credentials in two broad categories: indoor environment and microbes. In indoor environments category, ACAC offers five credentials:

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Credential programs related to healthy homes but not assessment or hazard control.

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