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Purpose of the Healthy Homes Contractors Website


This website is designed to assist you in locating a consultant or contractor to help you maintain a safe and healthy home. Finding a reputable consultant or contractor to assess or control a healthy homes hazard can be challenging. Consultants and contractors often advertise their qualifications, but few buyers can judge the qualifications. Funded by HUD to develop this pilot web site, NCC and NCHH reviewed a number of credentialing programs and identified those that appear reliable for dealing with healthy homes hazards. This website provides you with data to help you make informed decisions about a contractor or consultant to resolve your healthy homes issues.

Note to users: Neither NCC, NCHH nor HUD guarantees or is responsible for the quality or timeliness of work of a contractor or consultant with a credential listed below.

Hazard Control

Credential programs related to healthy homes but not assessment or hazard control.

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